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This is the official Tumblr page for the APEX Museum in Atlanta, GA.The APEX celebrates the rich and often untold history of African-Americans. We created this page to interact with our visitors and supporters on a deeper level.

Where Every Month is Black History Month™


October Monthly Facts

Here at the APEX Museum, every month is Black History Month. We would like the share the month of October’s significance in Black History.

  • On October 4 of 1864, the first daily newspaper produced by African Americans began, called the New Orleans Tribune.
  • The world famous singers of Black spirituals, the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University, performed in front of the Queen of England in 1871.
  • In October of 1937, the Negro Dance Group is formed by Katherine Dunham. The Negro Dance Group performed African American and African Caribbean dances.
  • On October 27 1954, Benjamin Davis Jr. became the first Black Air Force general.
  • On October 25, 1997, African American women joined together for the Million Woman March, focusing on healthcare, education, and self help.
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Martin Luther King Jr. with father and son

Thee Tempest

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Link: : Preview: Taste of Atlanta 2013- The Kitchen Workshop


Taste of Atlanta is coming up this weekend and each day we’ll be giving you a peek into the highlights of this year’s festival. Today’s topic: The Kitchen Workshop.

Want to learn ways to enhance your home cooking? Taste of Atlanta has a program for that. CNN’s Emmy nominated journalist,…

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Maya Angelou Accepts Mailer Center Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Maya Angelou poses for photographs during the fifth annual…

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Chief Jimoh Buraimoh/ Jimoh Adetunji Buraimoh

Country: Nigeria

Style: Abstract Personification

Medium: Beads, Acrylics, Oil on Canvas

Fun Fact:  A pioneer in the history of modern art in Africa, Chief Buraimoh is the continent’s first bead painter, having in 1964, created a contemporary art form, inspired by the Yoruba tradition of incorporating beadwork designs into ceremonial fabrics and beaded crowns.

Quote: The Yoruba people of Nigeria have traditionally incorporated beads in many of their artforms. In particular, their glittering look encouraged their use in decorating the King’s regalia, including crowns, shoes and walking sticks. My innovation was to adapt this traditional use to the more contemporary art form of painting. My interest today is to spread the gospel of bead-painting, especially to a younger generation.


1. The Couple

2. Elder’s Council

3. Assembly of Elders

4. Birds taking the giwa rua (elephant of the river)

5. Flute Player

6. Meeting of Elders

7. Elder’s Forum

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